Handelsmerk consulting is a creative digital agency

WE ARE A Creative Digital agency

For every  SME, START-UP or ESTABLISHED COMPANY, Handelsmerk Consulting is the creative digital agency that helps you reach, engage, and convert your prospects into regular paying customers.

HANDELSMERK is a digital agency that provides business solutions for new and existing businesses and SMEs using digital.

HANDELSMERK offers digital solutions for every business, whether you’re looking to generate revenue, looking for leads, or reaching out to a wider audience. We surely can help you attain these objectives through our unique and personalised services shaped around your business desire. We create a digital strategy to reach and engage with your business goals and objectives, helping you to strengthen your business growth and deliver a true return on your digital investment.

Leading businesses choose HANDELSMERK to help them reach their most valuable and profitable customers because we are result-driven and always deliver on your investments.


We always deliver on your investments. Whether you are a start-up or an existing business we have services that are tailored with the right mix whilst meeting your unique personal or business needs and goals.

You can expect us deliver you:

      1. Improved website rankings
      2. Greater brand awareness
      3. Increased and higher quality website traffic
      4. More web conversions
      5. Greater ROI
      6. Sustainable competitive advantage
Handelsmerk consulting is a creative digital agency
Handelsmerk consulting is a creative digital agency


It’s our goal to really get to the heart of your desire so we can help create a digital service that effectively aligns to your business and personal goals, and give you satisfaction. Here is a basic outline of how our business process works in a typical project.

DISCOVERY CALL: The first step is for us to connect via our social media platforms or phone to make sure that we are the right fit for your project. So, if you decide you want to continue after our chat, which is completely fine, we head to next stage.

WELCOME PACK: Once we’ve confirmed that we are the best fit for your project and you’ve approved our quote, we will send you a Welcome Pack. The Welcome Pack includes the project timeline, questionnaire, contract, deposit invoice and other important information.

STRATEGY SESSION: Once your project is booked, you’ve paid your deposit invoice and you’ve completed your questionnaire, we’ll schedule a time to chat (via phone, chat or in-person). We’ll have a relaxed chat and I’ll get to know you, your business, and your goals. We’ll review your questionnaire together to make sure we’re both on the same page, and I can answer any questions that you may have.

INNOVATIVE PROCESS: Now the most exciting stage begins! We do a thorough research, sketch, create a number of concepts, refine the best ones, and send a completed concept to you for review.

FINE-TUNING: You’ll send feedback after reviewing and we effect the changes as required, to ensure that you’re 100% happy with handling of your project.

Note that you’ve up to two rounds of revision included in design packages, any additional revisions will attract extra charges at an hourly rate of N2100 (+VAT).

DELIVERABLE: Once your project is completed and your final invoice is paid, your project will be delivered in the appropriate format stated in your package.